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Habitat – SEnsores REMotorcycle Aerotransportados

HABITAT-SEREA as a company born in the Region of Murcia due to the efforts of a group of professionals convinced the smooth functioning and future of this new technology, the drone, and bet on the enormous advantages of the application of this system in the various economic sectors such as agriculture, forest, mining, civil works, the archaeological, energy, etc.

Habitat S.L Environmental Studies. (HABITAT) He was born in 2009 as a company dedicated to the studies of environmental impact and noise, territorial impacts, soil contamination, water and environmental reports and other services. Its founders already had work experience and professional development and to make optimal autonomous years ago via the same type of activities. Since 2011, and spurred by the national economic situation, HABITAT decides to reinvent and parallel to their main activity, established a research and development aimed more and topographic mapping services which lasts two years to be what it is today. The project ends with the creation-HABITAT SEREA, a renewed company with a solid foundation and a leader in the implementation and maintenance of GIS, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. We provide all our knowledge and technology to private companies and public bodies having as support the different divisions that now make our company and together directed their efforts towards the creation and training of these bases as solid. We have confirmed our ability to overcome the challenges and we could meet the expectations of our customer base.

In 2013 and as a result all our efforts, the Autonomous Community of Murcia gave “on an equal footing” HABITAT to the prize for eco-innovation in the sixth edition of the Sustainable Development Award awarded each year, and does nothing to further motivate our firm intention to investigate and continuously improve to keep growing in the same line as we have done since our inception.

We understand the importance of continually investing in the development of an RPA technology / Daily UAV, to innovate, implement and maximize the potential of this new tool. HABITAT has developed unmanned aerial platforms (RPAS Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems / UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) own automatic pilot systems and ground stations (GCS Ground Control Station) to obtain high-resolution images in real time with different applications in remote sensing and photogrammetry. This is what has given us this new concept “Greenhouses” accompanying our brand. The whole process of working from the same manufacture of aircraft, piloting them, the collection and processing of data and the final creation of the work due to the customer is done internally by the company itself, what sets us apart in a remarkable way in our field of activity.

Jobs that can tackle our drones RPA / UAV are monitored and photograph from small parcels to hundreds of hectares, an area that is too small for the satellite and manned conventional photogrammetric. We work with equipment designed to be able to land almost anywhere, from the hand-off; have a wingspan of 1,65 m. and an approximate range of 40 minutes can make flight plans to 25 km. The execution is faster, which increases the possibilities for action and put our services available to a wide variety of clients and businesses at a very low cost compared to traditional piloted flights.

Due to the spontaneous development and implementation on issues of drones, have recently developed laws and agreements governing and temporarily control this type of professional activity. HABITAT already has the necessary licenses obtained from SENASA and the compulsory authorization of EASA, and meets formally and in time the legislation that protects us in our field of activity.

On our website you can view the wide range of services with which we, the advantages thereof, their applications and be up to date on our news and events. For any inquiries or questions have our data in the contact section, we will be happy to assist, and to make him see as do our drones in flight, new horizons.

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