• Immediacy

If the weather permits can fly almost immediately and the image processing can be performed in a few hours. Also when dealing with low-altitude flights can fly in cloudy conditions when the clouds would prevent aircraft or satellites and unmanned drones that fly under the clouds.


  • Cost

Differences in acquisition cost and almost no maintenance RPA bound to dispense staff onboard and ground make this system the cheapest to acquire high-resolution aerial images.

  • Spatial Resolution

The ability to fly at low forbidden or dangerous for manned vehicle height allows us to obtain pixel sizes below centimeter.

  • Temporal resolution

The low cost coupled with the immediacy allows to obtain images with even lower hourly intervals.

  • Spectral Quality

Being low-altitude flights (50-300m) the layer of atmosphere that has been touring the reflected light is much lower so almost applying radiometric corrections is not necessary.

  • Telemetry and flight plan

Preplanning flight plan and telemetric control from ground station RPA.

Remote monitoring of performance parameters and monitoring thereof.


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